Ryanair ...

There can be just one judgement on this airline: they massively suck! They are so incredibly poor at customer relations your mind will almost refuse to believe it. And now, they have proven even worse at handling security. Here are the happy details of complete security-management failure:

  • You now HAVE to check-in online. There is no other option. Hence, not much chance for Ryanair to catch anybody cheating with boarding passes. Not only that, you're charged for this (sorry, had to put this in as it baffles the mind how you can be charged extra for something you cannot opt out of).
  • You can only check-in online up to four (4) hours before your flight. Yet, part of this online check-in is making sure that you have answered the ubiquitous security questions: has anybody meddled with your luggage prior to boarding? How the fuck would I know, I'm not boarding yet!
  • When checking in for a return flight, this is made so much worse by the fact that you'll be checking in for both flights at the same time. You could, perhaps, be expected to not lose sight of your luggage for four hours but not for one, two or three weeks ... or longer.
  • Better still, Ryanair now wants you to supply them with security details, like your passport details. Ofcourse, you would have done something similar before, but the difference is that now, a company that optimises profits at the expense of anything and anyone will be storing your details in a database. The chances of these details being encrypted are so infinitessimaly small that there's no point to even consider them - security is obviously an extra cost to Ryanair and they have chosen to hand it over to you, completely.
  • Before you get as far as entering your passport details, though, you have to survive the threat to your mental health that comes from their check-in authentication system. To verify that you are you, you just have to know 4 bits of info: departure date, email address, departure location and arrival location. That's all it takes to get into the system where you can then enter passport details and print out boarding passes. And of course, once passport details have been entered, they cannot be changed unless you call Ryanair.
  • Finally, there's the question of airport security. I haven't tried flying with their new system in place yet (only intermediate version) but a good guess is that the check-in desk will not ask you for your passport (and that's assuming you have bags to check in - no bags means you go straight to the security area where they do not check your passport).

From a security standpoint, there can be only one judgment on this system: complete and total failure. My girlfriend and I have taken the consequences: we're not flying with Ryanair again.