SVN status cheatsheet

Recently I was looking for info on status messages from SVN and while googling for 'svn status cheatsheet' did turn up quite a few results, they were all useless: none of them went beyond the status messages you get in the first row from SVN when doing svn st. Seeing as I was up against 's' and 'uu' that didn't help. The SVN manual didn't prove very helpful either, at first - the status messages are spread out through the manual and finding the ones I needed took me very long. Hence, for future reference:

First column - file added or changed
no changes
A item will be added
C item has conflicts
D item will be deleted
E file existed before the update
M item has been modified
R item has been replaced
X item is present due to an externals definition
? item is not in repository
I item is being ignored
! item is missing
\~ item is versioned as one thing but replaced by another
Second column - properties changed
no changes
M properties have changed
C properties for the item is in conflict with those in repository
Third column - locks
no locks
L item is locked
Fourth column - for addition-with-history scheduled items
no history scheduled with commit
+ history scheduled with commit
Fifth column - switching relative to parents
item is child of its parent directory
S item is switched
Sixth column - lock information
item is not locked
K item is locked in this working copy
O item is locked by another user or in another working copy
T item was locked in this working copy but the lock is invalid. Item is still locked in repository
B item was locked in this working copy but the lock is invalid. Item is no longer locked
Seventh column - out-of-date information
item is uptodate
\* newer version of item exists in repository

Most of this stuff won't show unless you do 'svn st --show-updates' or 'svn st -v' but it's very useful to know from time to time.