Back from OSD

The OpenSourceDays conference is through now (has been since Sunday, actually, but work has been keeping me very busy) and a quick reflection tells me that it was great to be there. Some of the highlights:

  • A good presentation from Signal Digital about ding.TING: a new open source frontend for libraries in Denmark, using Drupal
  • Part of a presentation of Groovy on Grails - it definitely piqued my interest (I only got part because the presenter was taken ill half-way through)
  • Meeting Typo3 people: Christian Jul Jensen from MOC Systems, Stig Kjeldsen from OpenGate, and Søren Malling from DKM
  • Helping out a bit in transforming the site of the Danish Typo3 user group. It currently looks like an ad for washing powder and that's going to end.
  • Meeting a guy with an idea for a site project and agreeing that we should make this happen sometime soon.

So, overall, it was very enjoyable and a bit of an eye-opener (it was my first IT conference). There's a big chance I'll be going again next year, that's for sure - the helping out bit was actually rather fun, especially the second part.

However, this means that the Typo3 Multimedia Cookbook review I've mentioned has been moved back about a week or so - it needs a bit of time for reading and fairness.