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  1. Typo3 site fail

    Have a look at the image below - a screenshot from a website I came across. It's a quite clear, massive fail (unless you're fluent in whatever font is used). This is something that can happen to any site, if you're messing with I18N or L10N - something goes ...

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  2. Geek birthdays

    As a kid I always liked the hard packages the most, for birthdays and christmas. Those were the ones you could play with and immerse yourself in right away. Fun fun fun! As opposed to clothes, which you can ... wear. And that's about it. As I grew older, the ...

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  3. Changes

    I've decided to try moving my career more in the direction of freelancing consulting. It's party based on necessity (haven't found a full-time job yet) and partly on want (consulting/freelancing is very interesting). First step has been to make some info available about it - currently only ...

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