Blog hiatus

Once more I managed an unintended blog hiatus. Seems that happens a bit too often - certainly not the first time it's happened to me. Anyway, I want to pick up again, get some words out again. So, what I'll try to do is one PHP-related post a month and one personal/geeky/development-related post a month. I.e. two posts a month ... should be do-able (right ...).

Anyway, I have some things I want to write about, in part to learn (nothing like presenting what you're learning as you learn it, to help you learn .... learn learn learn!) and in part because writing is just fun. PHP-related that would be getting ready for the Zend certification (so brushing off skills and reading on things I don't know too well atm), getting into frameworks and tools of our trade, plus some personal projects. Personally, well, there's some roleplaying stuff (and here we quickly veer back into the geeky parts, as that will be - among other things - on Infosys and Danish conventions), some general life-stuff (living in Denmark and being disgusted with the current political climate is one topic) and the odd rant on something weird.

So yeah ... there you have it.