More reviews to come

Cover of Plone 3.3 Products Development
CookbookNot the books referred to in my last post although it could be (once I've read them :) ). Nope, I'll be reviewing another book from Packt Publishing (my previous review was of TYPO3 Multimedia Cookbook): this one is Plone 3 Products Development Cookbook by Juan Pablo Giménez and Marcos F. Romero. It looks very interesting as far as I can tell: the strategy of the book is to create a working news site step by step, with each step being a recipe. So you can use bits from the book if you just happen to have a specific problem but your site is doing fine otherwise, or you can take it as a guide on how to go about creating sites with Plone.

With a bit of luck, I should have the book in two weeks and knowing my schedule it'll be between three and four weeks after that before the review is on the site here.