Offline mode

Lately I've been doing my share of work-on-your-way-to-work (technically it's a hobby-project, but when your hobby includes doing exactly the same as your work, it's hard to see the big difference) and this has led to some annoyance on my part. The situation: I work a bit at home, suspend my computer and stick it in my bag, then open it again when I'm on the tube. Obviously, at that point there's no network connection so the browser won't find any interwebs. Not a problem though, as I'm working on local data, accessed through the server running on my laptop. So, where's there problem? Well, Firefox - in it's infinite wisdom - decides that since I'm not connected to the webs, then I'm not allowed to view web-pages through http://. Just like that: a big fat warning screen telling me that I'm now offline. And then I have to enable browsing again by setting a tick-box in the file-menu, telling firefox that 'no, really, I know what I'm doing and I want to work'.

When software thinks it knows better than you, that's when it's time to spank developers. There should be no difference for me between working 'online' and working 'offline' - if the page I want to access is accessible then display it, stop whining non-sensically! Really, what's the point of putting obstacles in my way? 'Sure you can load the locally accessible page you want, but you have to tick this little box first, because we're not quite that intelligent developers'. The most annoying part is that this behaviour actually changed for a short period, in a recent beta version of FF but then some idiot re-inserted this bug.