Another Plone book review

Cover of Plone 3
MultimediaI've been given the opportunity to review another Plone book - this time it's Plone 3 Multimedia by Tom Gross. The book will be a nice followup to the Plone 3.3 Products Development Cookbook I'll be reviewing shortly - my plan is to use the cookbook as a foundation and then use the multimedia book on top of that. That should hopefully provide a good basis for evaluating both books and thus for reviewing them.

The teaser for the multimedia book states:

From watermarked images, integrated Silverlight-applications over geotagged content and rich podcasts to protected video-on-demand solutions this book provides a rich repository of tools and techniques to add full multimedia power to Plone. This step-by-step guide will show you how to collaborate with many external web resources to build a powerful interactive Plone site that perfectly meet your needs.

If it's caught your interest already, check the publishers site for details - links are above.