1. Mail madness

    Another post not on the topic I set out a little while ago, this time about email - specifically webmail. A family member asked me to backup their webmail account and it so happens to be a Hotmail account. Naively I figure that by now, Microsoft must have created a fairly ...

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  2. Late night coding

    While avoiding the new learning series I dreamt up I've been doing some reading and playing with postfix and ldap. The first topic came about because of some stuff at work (had to set up postfix with authentication, turned out to be much more complex than one would expect ...

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  3. General browser blues

    Well, lately, IE is not the only browser to give me the blues. In fact, all week I've been bitten by browsers handling things differently, often just between versions of browsers.


    A page I had worked on used some absolute positioning within relative positioned elements to achieve the ...

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  4. IE9 blues

    Today I had to deal with a weird bug in a site I was updating. As it mimicked a bug I had fixed earlier for IE6 I assumed it would be the same thing, but no - something quite different was wrong. In essence the problem was that I had created ...

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  5. Misc. internet

    Various ranting topics today - some smaller things that might not make it to a post in themselves, but under the name "Misc. internet" here they are.

    Denmark - big brother nation

    Back in 2002, after the 9/11 scare, the Danish government made a law that requires ISPs to log internet ...

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  6. Blog hiatus

    Once more I managed an unintended blog hiatus. Seems that happens a bit too often - certainly not the first time it's happened to me. Anyway, I want to pick up again, get some words out again. So, what I'll try to do is one PHP-related post a month ...

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